RoHS and the Finch Robot

We have decided to stop shipping the Finch robot to countries with RoHS regulations that ban the sale of any electronics that do not comply with RoHS standards. This includes all EU countries, Norway, the UK, South Korea, Ukraine, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Finch utilizes cadmium sulfide (CdS) photoresistors to detect light. Until recently, these photocells were exempt from RoHS regulations as no similar RoHS compliant component performed the same function. Upon a review of our supply chain, we found that this exemption had ended, and as a result, the Finch robot is no longer considered compliant with RoHS.

RoHS regulations attempt to limit the amount of six toxic materials in electronics to prevent these materials from leaching into landfills at the end of life. The cadmium in photoresistors is embedded and sealed into the part, and there is no risk of release under ordinary operation, in fact, loose photoresistors for hobby and educational use are still permitted to be sold in all RoHS countries. Apart from the two photoresistors in the Finch, all products manufactured by BirdBrain Technologies are RoHS compliant. All products, including the Finch, are also lead free.