Finch Flock Bag
Finch Flock Bag

Finch Flock Bag

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The Flock Bag is the perfect storage and transport solution for 5 Finch Robots. This carrying case has a padded interior and a small zip pocket inside.

Designed to hold (not included):

  • 5 Finch Robots 
  • 5 USB cables 
  • 1 USB charging hub 
  • 5 Markers 
  • 5 user guides 

Size:  16 x 10 x 7.5"

Weight:  1.56 LB empty, 6.44 LB with 5 robots and accessories

Color: Teal bag and strap with white Finch Robot logo

Go to the Finch Classroom Flock to purchase the Flock Bag with Finch Robots and accessories.